A Fundraiser for the Richard H. Stewart Jr. Scholarship Fund

Fatty Final Four 2017

And the Winner of the Fatty Final Four is… https://vimeo.com/211426688.

  1. 1st Place – ($400 by Mrs. Stewart) – James Sullivan (UNC).
  2. 2nd Place (i-Tunes gift card by Martin and Susan Tillier) – Jefferson Mott (UNC).
  3. 3rd Place (TBD (was wine) by Bert Getz) – Ireland Robertson (UNC).
  4. 17th Place (17,000, actually, 20,000, AmEx Points by Philip Schluter and Julie Kimmel) – Will Allen (143).
  5. Youth Award ($50 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card by Lis DesCombes) – Jefferson Mott (UNC).
  6. Cinderella Award (Mighty Leaf Tea Gift Pack by Tommy and Nina Smallhorn) – The winner of the Cinderella Award is Phil Schluter (#7 South Carolina to Elite Eight).
  7. 2017 Lollapaloozer – We have our 2017 Lollapaloozers.  The winners of this dishonor (and a Gift Basket from Michele Lombard) are… Steve Kimmel and Greg Burns.