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Fatty Final Four 2007

2007 Fatty Final Four Pool Winners

1st Place – John Gigliotti won $400 (from Joan and Dick Stewart)

2nd Place – Rob Meadows won the 6-month membership to the ‘Wine of the Month’ club from The House of Wine & Cheese. Each month the winner shall receive two bottles (one red / one white) with a personal review and description from our resident sommelier, Martin Tillier. (from Martin & Susan Tillier)

3rd Place – Jenny Savino won two tickets to any Big East Marquette basketball game for the 2007-2008 season (from Lisa Gingerich)

Lollapaloozer Award (last place) – Norma Ferrigno won a $100 Gift Certificate to My Simple City.com. (from Matt Bernstein)

CCAGBFLF Award (the biggest upset in the first round) – 30,000 AmEx Points to Lisa Gingerich (from Phil Schluter)

Cinderella Award (the lowest seeded team that goes the furthest) – 3 month membership to the wine of the month club (from Andy & Amanda Mott) and a three-page website design from MB Consulting valued at $300 (from Megan McCaffery) goes to Cindy Schluter.

Woman Award (woman who finishes the highest) – Jenny Savino won a Gift Certificate for $100.00 from Gallerie Ani’tiques in Scotch Plains, NJ. (from Anita Grasshoff)

Youth Award (youngest person who goes the furthest) – $100 art, academic, sports or music gift card to Meg (Jeff) Descombes (from Michelle Lombardo)