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FF4: Two Sweet Sixteen Games

Sweet Sixteen Games – Two Sweet Sixteen were played yesterday.

  1. Harry Pliskin vs. Tim McDougald – Coin Toss
    Tim took Tails and the coin came up… Heads.  Harry moves onto the Elite Eight.
  2. Nat Schluter vs. Stephanie Kimmel – Backgammon
    Stephanie played Nat in Zoom Backgammon (pictured above) and won 2-0.  Stephanie will play Harry Pliskin in the Elite Eight.

These are the Updated Brackets.

Sweet Sixteen (To Be Completed) – These Sweet Sixteen Games (below) need to be completed by noon EST on Friday, April 3rd.

Sophie Smallhorn vs. Joe Rhodes
Andrew Fraley vs. Serena Smallhorn

Joan Stewart vs. Hannah Tillier
Alena Grashof vs. Anita Grashof

Gabe Bernstein vs. Doug Hirai
Dara Bernstein vs. Alex Lee