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FF4: One Round of 32 Game

  1. One Round of 32 Game – One Round of 32 Game was played yesterday.
    1. Stephanie Kimmel vs. Michael (pictured above) and Will Duffy –  Three Pennies (Best of 3)
      Stephanie wins, 2-1.

      These are the Updated Brackets.

  2. Round of 32 (To Be Completed) – These Round of 32 Games (below) still need to be completed by noon EST on Friday, March 27th.


    1. Richie Tillier vs. Joan Stewart
    2. Joe Rhodes vs. Hannah Tillier
    3. Anna Farrell vs. Alena Grashof


    1. Nat Schluter vs. Julie Kimmel
    2. Tim McDougald vs. Mike Conroy


    1. Basia Bernstein vs. Alex Lee


    1. Chris Lauricella vs. Sophie Smallhorn
    2. Joe Rhodes vs. Jellie (and Steve) Murray
    3. Tim McDougald vs. Serena Smallhorn