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FF4: Last Round of 32 Games

Six Round of 32 Game – Six Round of 32 Game were played yesterday.

  1. Richie Tillier vs. Joan Stewart – Coin flip
    Joan Stewart wins.
  2. Joe Rhodes vs. Hannah Tillier – Coin flip
    Hannah Tillier wins.
  3. Anna Farrell vs. Alena Grashof – Coin flip
    Alena Grashof wins.
  4. Nat Schluter vs. Julie Kimmel – Backgammon
    Natalie Schluter beat Julie Kimmel in Backgammon and advances to play Stephanie Kimmel in the Sweet Sixteen.
  5. Chris Lauricella vs. Sophie Smallhorn – Lacrosse Challenge
    Chris challenged Sophie to do 40 Catch ‘n Throws with her off-hand… which Sophie completed. Sophie will play Joe Rhodes / Jellie (and Steve) Murray in the Sweet Sixteen.
  6. Joe Rhodes vs. Jellie (and Steve) Murray – Coin flip
    Joe Rhodes wins.

These are the Updated Brackets.

Donations – Please send your $50 per bracket donation to Matt Bernstein via PayPal (matt@mysimplecity.com) or via US Mail with a check made out to “The Lawrenceville School” to Matt Bernstein 6513 Pebble Brooke Rd. Baltimore, MD 21209.

Sweet Sixteen (To Be Completed) – These Sweet Sixteen Games (below) still need to be completed by noon EST on Friday, April 3rd.

Sophie Smallhorn vs. Joe Rhodes
Andrew Fraley vs. Serena Smallhorn

Joan Stewart vs. Hannah Tillier
Alena Grashof vs. Anita Grashof

Nat Schluter vs. Stephanie Kimmel
Harry Pliskin vs. Tim McDougald

Gabe Bernstein vs. Doug Hirai
Dara Bernstein vs, Alex Lee