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FF4: Last of Opening Games

  1. Last Two Opening Games – Our last two Opening Games were Grashof vs. Grashof and Volpp vs. Bernstein.  To decide these two games, we needed two deciders.  Gabe and Atara were the two deciders.  (It would’ve been funnier if Atara missed by a lot but she actually almost made it.  Either way, sorry, Kevin.)
    1. Carl Grashof vs. Anita Grashof
    2. Kevin Volpp vs. Basi Bernstein
  2. Round of 32 – We’re now in the Round of 32.  The Round of 32 Games need to be completed by noon EST on Friday, March 27th.  I’ll send e-mails to the people who don’t live under the same roof in order to facilitate your connecting with each other.  Please let me know if I can help.  These are the match-ups:


    1. Richie Tillier vs. Joan Stewart
    2. Joe Rhodes vs. Hannah Tillier
    3. Anna Farrell vs. Alena Grashof
    4. Anita Grashof vs. Susan Tillier


    1. Nat Schluter vs. Julie Kimmel
    2. Stephanie Kimmel vs. Michael Duffy
    3. Harry Pliskin vs. Andrew Fraley
    4. Tim McDougald vs. Mike Conroy


    1. Harry Pliskin vs. Gabe Bernstein
    2. Doug Hirai vs. Walt Hajduk
    3. Dara Bernstein vs. Mark Dingle
    4. Basia Bernstein vs. Alex Lee


    1. Chris Lauricella vs. Sophie Smallhorn
    2. Joe Rhodes vs. Jellie (and Steve) Murray
    3. Andrew Fraley vs. Tom Smallhorn
    4. Tim McDougald vs. Serena Smallhorn