A Fundraiser for the Richard H. Stewart Jr. Scholarship Fund

We have our FF4 Participants.  We have our Prizes.  Let the Games Begin.

The Prizes

A – $400 (from Mrs. Stewart) as well as a $1,000 donation to the Richie Scholarship Fund (from Andrew Fraley) in the name of the 1st Place Winner.
B – Bottle of Makers Mark (from the Tilliers)
C – $100 (from the Smallhorns)
D – Seattle Care Package – $75 of Washington Wine, Smoked Salmon, and other Northwest Treats including one small bottle of Hand Sanitizer (from Jack Zahner)
E – $50 of GrubHub, UberEats, or the Restaurant Takeout service of your choice (from the Bernsteins)

The Winners

  1. FF4 Winner – The Winner of the Fatty Final Four wins A (above).
  2. Second Place – The Team that plays in the Championship Final and loses to the FF4 Winner gets to choose from B, C, and D (above).
  3. Third Place – Final Four Team that lost to the FF4 Winner in the Semifinals gets to choose from B, C, and D (that Second Place did not already pick).
  4. Fourth Place – Final Four Team that lost to the Second Place team in the Semifinals gets whichever of B, C, and D (that hasn’t already been picked).
  5. Lollapaloozer – Gets E.

Day One – The Lollapaloozer

41 people have registered for the Fatty Final Four.  The FF4 will have 4 regions (with 10 participants each).  So 41 people signed-up but we only have 40 spots.  That means, before we even begin, we need to knock one FF4 Participant off of the table.  So we will put the names of all 41 participants into a hat and, later today, we will be selecting our 2020 FF4 Lollapaloozer.

The Brackets

Once the Participants are whittled down to 40, out of our hat, from each of the four regions, we’ll be selecting 2 teams (8 teams total) who will have First Round Byes and 4 teams (16 teams total) who will have pre-First Round Play-In Games.  And, from these Brackets, the Games will truly begin.  We’ll post the Brackets after we announce the Lollapaloozer.

Let the Games Begin!