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FF4 2020: Sweet Sixteen

People of the Fatty Final Four:

Sweet Sixteen Games – Three Sweet Sixteen Game were played yesterday and this morning.

  1. Dara Bernstein vs. Alex Lee – Three Pennies
    Dara beat Alex, 2-0, in a Best of Three match-up and will play her son, Gabe, in the Elite Eight.
  2. Joan Stewart vs. Hannah Tillier – Coin Flip
    Joan was heads, Hannah was tails and the coin was… Heads.  Mrs. Stewart.
  3. Alena Grashof vs. Anita Grashof – Coin Flip
    Alena was heads, Anita was tails, and the coin was… Tails.  Mrs. Grashof will play Mrs. Stewart in the Elite Eight.

These are the Updated Brackets.

Elite Eight (To Be Completed) – These Elite Eight Games (below) need to be completed by noon EST on Friday, April 10th.

Joan Stewart vs. Anita Grashof

Gabe Bernstein vs. Dara Bernstein

The Smallhorn Girls: Sophie vs. Serena

Stephanie Kimmel vs. Harry Pliskin