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FF4 2020: Elite Eight

People of the Fatty Final Four:

Elite Eight Games – Two Elite Eight Games were played yesterday.

  1. Joan Stewart vs. Anita Grashof – Coin Toss
    Joan took heads, Anita took tails, and the coin was… Heads.  Joan Stewart moves onto the Fatty Final Four.
  2. Stephanie Kimmel vs. Harry Pliskin – Coin Toss
    Stephanie took heads, Harry took tails, and the coin was… Tails.  Harry Pliskin moves onto the Fatty Final Four.

Fatty Final Four – The Final Four will be a four-person game of Three Pennies including Joan Stewart, Harry Pliskin, Dara Bernstein, and Serena Smallhorn.  The game will be played on a TBD date and time (which all will be inviited to watch) and…

  1. Fatty Winner – The first person out of this Three Pennies game will be the Fatty Final Four Winner.
  2. 2nd Place – Second person out.
  3. 3rd Place – Third person out.
  4. 4th Place – Fourth person out.