A Fundraiser for the Richard H. Stewart Jr. Scholarship Fund

Fatty Final Four 2020

People of the Fatty Final Four:

  1. Fatty Final Four: While the NCAA Final Four was cancelled, the Fatty Final Four was not. 
  2. The FF4 Brackets: For the 2020 Fatty Final Four, the brackets that were historically populated by NCAA Basketball teams will be populated by Fatty Final Four participants.  (See below.)  A variety of contests will decide which participants move onto the next round.  Contests include, but are not limited to, trivia questions, coin flips, picking names out of hats, etc.
  3. March 17: In order to be a participant in the FF4 Brackets, e-mail me however many participant(s) you would like entered in this contest.  $50 per name (with all proceeds going to the Richard H. Stewart Jr. Scholarship Fund).  Names are due on Tuesday, March 17th, at midnight.
  4. Prizes: Per usual, we need prizes.  e-Mail me with any and all prizes that you would like to donate.

They Cannot Keep Us Down,